Vision-based Visibility Measurement

Automated evaluation of visibility and distance for all suitable cameras


Your Benefits

  • Use all suitable cameras for getting a complete representation of visibility at your location
  • Frequently updated information about visibility
  • Plausibility check of local visibility sensors
  • Less stress for operators in critical situations


  • Works with off-the-shelf cameras
  • Measurement of visibility and distance
  • Can deal with various weather and daylight situations


  • Customized solution for your specific airport requirements
  • Can be integrated into existing surveillance systems
  • Customized and standard reporting (e.g. METAR)

Customer Scenarios

Air Traffic Management
  • Plausibility Checks
  • Ground Fog Detection
  • Approach Monitoring
Critical Infra- structure

(c)Istock /Patrick Herrera

  • Road visibility for traffic control systems
  • Industrial monitoring
  • Monitoring of large harbours for port piloting
Demonstrator visIvis

Demonstrator allows you to explore the possibilities of the visIvis software.

Technical Information

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