visIvis® in Air Traffic Management

Use visIvis® at your airport for automation and stress reduction

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In order to guarantee safe air traffic, controllers have to rely on precise forecasts and measurements of the current weather situation. The decisions the controllers take do not only impact the security, but also influence the air traffic and its economic repercussions in case of delays.

All major airports operate dedicated sensor systems to assess the current weather situation. For reporting the prevailing visibility in the airport vicinity, observers currently compile their reports based on integrating sensor measurements with visual observation of known landmarks, like buildings or mountain tops. Human estimation is naturally very subjective to the individual observer and error-prone. Current visibility sensors (usually located at the start and end of the runways) are very precise but only give very local (e.g. at the position of the sensor) measurements. In order to overcome the drawbacks of the currently subjective reports from human observers, we present an approach to automatically derive visibility measures for broader areas by means of image processing.


Our solution provides controllers with full visibility measurements of the whole camera-covered area and therefore makes their task easier and even safer.

  • Automated plausibility checks of your local visibility sensors support your routine work flow and reduce stress in critical situations.
  • Use all of your suitable cameras and get a complete representation of visibility at your Location.


  • Air traffic control for a visual Approach
  • Observe hidden parts of the Approach (e.g. behind mountains)
  • Map the approach into different surveillance camera images
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